The Cloud Portal
for the
NDT industry

What is the NDT.CLOUD platform?

A platform to:
Manage, track and monitor NDT projects, resources, content, assets and compliance.

A platform for:
NDT Content creation, interpretation, storage and distribution

  • Saves you money
  • Creates efficiencies in all your areas of expertise,
  • Systematically reduces time needed by all stakeholders to ensure compliance.




A diverse suite of products and services that will help you achieve and maintain your compliance requirements.

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A unique online digital image and document solution for the NDT Industry.

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RSO Consulting Services

We offer a cost-effective safety and quality driven alternative to recruiting, hiring and training internal staff to become proficient in the Radiation Safety Compliance process.

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In-Field Reporting Tool

Our in-field data collection tools will help to ease the burden of paperwork created while documenting compliance activities. Review documentation created in the field and complete compliance documents.

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Workflow Management

Managing your workflow gives you the ability to standardize processes and increase compliance across many company activities. Whether it be safety, quality or your bottom line work flow management capabilities.

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Asset Management

By creating a repository for you to inventory equipment and assign all your assets to those using them, the NDT.CLOUD asset management functionality creates the ability for you to see where your equipment is at a glance.

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Integration with Suppliers

Integrating your inventory with suppliers saves time and money. No more emails and multiple phone calls to track equipment calibrations and repairs. Certificates of calibration and documentation of maintenance becomes instantly available.

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Safety Documentation

In-field reporting capabilities allow you to ensure that safety comes first. Workflow management and the ability to digitally document safety requirements help you keep your workforce safe. Policies and procedures your company provides to staff are followed and documented all in real time!

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Achieve 30% more efficiency every week

The knowledge needed to maintain a radiation safety compliance program takes years to gain. Our RSO - Solutions Suite puts this knowledge in the palm of your hand. We support you and your business by leveraging current technology, streamlining your workflows and allowing for consistent, accurate document completion.
With the improved compliance environment, it will help achieve a higher standard than was possible before. Giving you the ability to grow your business.

Clean & modern layout

View your Online Dashboard for Compliance Reporting.

Easy to customize

Custom dashboards and data mining.